Welcome to Remote Instruments

Remote Instruments is an infrastructure optimisation company, providing solutions that help customers with the Management, Performance and Security of their IT and Industrial networks. Our expertise include telemetry, IoT, SNMP-based network management, custom development of SNMP and Modbus software, SCADA and industrial network security. In addition, we provide a comprehensive range of training, consultancy and audit offerings.

Based in Singapore, Remote Instruments adopts a horizontal market position and form partnerships with product manufacturers and service organisations who are focused in vertical markets such as IT, Telco, Oil & Gas and Power Systems. Our customers turn to us because it is either too capital intensive to in-source, they do not have the required core competencies, or for speedier time to market.

And some of the most innovative companies have discovered new revenue-generating opportunities by connecting to their devices. In all, IoT has the potential to unleash significant productivity gains and economic growth unlike any previous technology wave.

How to Start a IoT Project?

Jun 15, 2022

Focus on the creation of new value for your business; to accord real opportunities to significantly impact operational efficiency, the incentive to create new products and services, and freedom to invent new business models. Another starting point is to analyse and drill down to the root cause of the financial "pains" that your company is having.

Remote-Instruments IoT Suite monitors and manages widely dispersed machine assets on a global scale. It is network-independent to fit easily into a wired or wireless environment; and is based on open interoperable components to facilitate integration with corporate systems like ERP... more