Management of IT & Industrial Ethernet Networks and Assets

Understanding, mapping and analysing network resources and their usage is the foundation stone for successful IT and industrial network implementation. Only by knowing the location, availability and utilization of resources can you then address performance issues. Remote Instrument's solutions in this area help customers to understand what is on their network and monitor usage of hardware and software resources.

In addition to our support services we offer a full range of training, consultancy and audit offerings. Typically, solutions are sold with service assurance days. These are a series of days called off over a 12 month period, where experienced engineers will attend site, fine tune the system and offer additional ways for the customer to extract value from their investment.


Remote Instruments offers a specialist installation service to ensure that new customers get value from their solution in the minimum amount of time. Our trained engineers will ensure that the solution is installed and configured to vendor specifications and can also fine tune the product to provide the customer with the management information that is required. In most cases some knowledge transfer to the customer on best practice and core functionality can also be carried out.

Integration with OPC

Through associated products such as OPC Server for SNMP, Remote Instruments helps its customers to add value to their existing HMI and visualization solutions and enhance user productivity by ensuring networks and applications are available.

Proprietary Devices

Remote Instruments has unparallel experience in the Network Management arena. We have implemented secure distributed network management systems which deliver proactive real-time monitoring for various network infrastructure. Including proprietary devices as our expertise extends to the development of custom-built embedded SNMP agents.

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