Cell Site Management System

The Remote Instruments Cell Site Management System (CSMS) is an open, versatile and expandable remote monitoring and control system for all cell site equipment; designed to meet the mobile network operator's demand for continuous operation, rapid response while containing maintenance cost.

Highlights of the CSMS includes:

  • Based on open standards
  • Support varied deployment options including 3G, GPRS, SMS and fixed-line IP network
  • Integrated Ethernet switch ports and terminal server ports
  • Graphical console with layered maps, color-coded status and event logs
  • Sophisticated trending and alert options
  • Remote consoles for multi-site NOC
  • Built-to-measure for each customer

The CSMS enables you to

  • Monitor and control power and communications equipment
  • Conduct E1 loopback, remote reset ELCB, BTS and Node-B power cycle testing
  • Remotely access the console port of a device
  • Connect a surveillance camera, proximity card access system, etc.
  • Access and archive critical information about operational status, diagnostics, and alarms

It is a cost-effective system that's robust, scalable and future-proof as a platform to expand the scope of remote management beyond what you envisage today. See this brochure for more technical details.