IoT, which stands for Machine to Machine, is a newly evolved category that defines the interconnecting of machines with IT/Telecom infrastructure using low-cost ubiquitous wireless services such as GSM/3G.

The "Remote Instruments IoT Suite" is a mix of software and hardware comprising the management server and console software, the gateway and a suitable remote interface unit to fit into wireless and wired transport and varied real-world devices such as meters, analog and digital I/O, GPS. This is coupled to a multi-user GUI console that can be set up to visualise, trend, alert and export data for integration with enterprise or other external systems.

And some of the most innovative companies have discovered new revenue-generating opportunities by connecting to their devices. In all, IoT has the potential to unleash significant productivity gains and economic growth unlike any previous technology wave.

Why Us?

  • Rapid Deployment: IoT solutions today are too capital intensive to in-source, require a steep learning curve and core competencies, resulting in slow time to market solution. "Remote Instruments IoT Suite" accelerates deployment of IoT solutions with ready-made components; and easy interface with external corporate IT systems
  • Lower Cost of Ownership: "Remote Instruments IoT Suite" is scalable from a “Software-as-a-Service” model (for small and medium size companies) to full-scale enterprise-wide deployment.
  • Comprehensive: While most systems are tabular and device-specific, "Remote Instruments IoT Suite" offers 1) sophisticated GUI: multi-level network and geographical maps, choice of graphing options, 2) different instrument and device types can be incorporated, 3) supports multiple Windows and Web consoles, flexible event handlers, etc

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